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Thank you for visiting our blog, Rickhouse Ramblings! We hope that you will be a regular here and feel comfortable joining in on our conversations, either through wholehearted agreement with our ratings or through offering differing opinions on a favorite of yours.

Our Mission: Quality whiskey is not limited to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It is our belief that there are hidden gems located outside of the Bluegrass state waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. These offerings deserve some attention and discussion as well. At Rickhouse Ramblings, we are on a journey to taste and review the finest whiskey and bourbon that Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina have to offer. We hope you will join us!

Mike and I met in 2017 and quickly found that we shared a love and passion for all things bourbon. Mike had accumulated a nice collection while I was just starting to expand my own. Mike loves wheated bourbons, specifically Old Weller Antique. I, on the other hand,  fancy myself a Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof man (yes, I am aware this is a Tennessee Whiskey and not a bourbon). Since 2017 we have visited Heaven Hill, Jim Beam American and Urban Stillhouse, Maker’s Mark, Michter’s Fort Nelson, Wild Turkey, Woodford Reserve, Four Roses, Buffalo Trace, Barton 1792, Bulleit, Willet, Jack Daniel’s, and Old Nick Williams Co. Farm and Distillery. 

We hope that you will explore Rickhouse Ramblings and join us as we discover and review the many whiskey offerings in Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. From time to time we will also review products from Kentucky and the other 45 states, because great whiskey exists all over the US and we certainly won’t discriminate when it comes to whiskey. You may also find reviews of distillery tours we have experienced, discussions on industry news, and much more.

Our first review, ONW Bourbon Whiskey from Old Nick Williams Co. Farm and Distillery, will be published March 1, 2020! Be on the lookout!

See you then!

Christian & Mike

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  1. Love the site and the way you guys handle your tasting notes. You all should have a link on your homepage for subscription to follow you and receive emails etc. (I’m not a user of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc really – just learning Tik Tok just for bourbon insights.

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