Review: Six & Twenty Carolina Cream

DSR – SC – 009: Six & Twenty Carolina Cream

Company/Distillery: Six and Twenty Distillery

Location: Piedmont – South Carolina

Mash Bill: Rum with Natural Cream Flavor and Bourbon Whiskey

Age Statement: No age statement

Proof/ABV: 34 Proof/17% ABV

Color & Viscosity: The color of this cream liqueur is opaque white with just a kiss of chocolate tinting. It’s as if you poured a fresh glass of whole milk only to find there is just one squirt of chocolate milk syrup left in the bottle to mix yourself a glass of homemade chocolate milk. Six & Twenty Carolina Cream has a medium to thick consistency, typical of a coffee creamer or heavy whipping cream. For cream liqueurs, this has the textbook viscosity that one would desire.

Purchase Price: $19.99 at Total Wine & More, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Bottle Label Information:

Front Label

“Six & Twenty”

“Carolina Cream”

“Rum With Natural Cream Flavor and Bourbon Whiskey”

Rear Label

“The finest combination of bourbon whiskey, rum and natural ingredients, our Carolina Cream raises glasses and sets the standard.”

“Distilled and Bottled with Pride by: Six and Twenty Distillery, Piedmont – South Carolina”

“Best if enjoyed within one year of: 09 29 21”

Distillery Background

Six & Twenty Distillery

Six & Twenty Distillery, located just outside of Greenville, South Carolina, is a veteran-owned business founded in 2011 by David Raad and Farmer Redmond. The pair met at Clemson University where they played rugby together. Before starting Six & Twenty Distillery with David Raad, Mr. Redmond’s primary claim to fame was that he is a descendent of infamous South Carolina Moonshiner, Major Lewis Redmond. Mr. Raad recognized a need for homegrown, high quality spirits in South Carolina, so he teamed up with his former teammate to try and provide exactly that to the Greenville area.

Six & Twenty Distillery gets its name from the 1700’s legend of a Choctaw Indian maiden named Issaqueena, who fell for Englishman Alan Francis. Eventually, Issaqueena was captured by the Cherokee and overheard a plan by the tribe to overtake Francis’ trading post. Legend has it that, in an effort to warn Francis, Issaqueena made a daring escape on horseback. Along her ride, she would name landmarks to help identify them. One of those landmarks was the Six & Twenty Creek, located near the present day distillery, and was named because it was located about twenty six miles from the Cherokee village. (Source: Greenville Online)

In 2020, David Raad would attend the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV) Accelerate Program. This program assists veterans in identifying areas within their business that may need tweaking, in an effort to achieve a more sustainable growth. As a result of his involvement in this program, Mr. Raad was invited to Dallas, Texas to participate in the Institute of Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) Veteran EDGE Conference. At the end of the conference, after competing in the Accelerate Challenge, Raad was awarded the Disabled American Veterans’ Arthur H. and Mary E. Wilson Top Venture Impacting Veterans Award and its accompanying $10,000 prize. (Source: Upstate Business

Current product offerings at Six & Twenty Distillery include Six & Twenty 5-Grain Bourbon Whiskey, Six & Twenty Old Money Wheat Whiskey, Six & Twenty Carolina Cream, Heirloom Rye Vodka, Six & Twenty Avena Oat Whiskey, and Heirloom Straight Rye Whiskey.

Tasting Notes

Tasting Date/Vessel: November 10, 2021 – Neat in a rocks glass, chilled


Christian: The nose on this Six & Twenty Carolina Cream opens with a quick hit of sweet cream coffee creamer with just a hint of alcohol present. A quick and gentle swirl allows just a smidgen of melted butter to sneak into the picture. There is not a ton going on here, but the expectations aren’t super high with a cream liqueur.

Mike: As expected, there is not a great deal of complexity with this cream liqueur. A gentle swell of alcohol charges the nostrils as I dive into the glass. A rich cream aroma, with a soft bouquet of butter and caramel, develops. A gentle swirl of the tasting vessel releases an eruption of fresh cream with veiled notes of alcohol.


Christian: The mouthfeel on this cream is thick, creamy, and a bit silky – it really coats the mouth nicely. Upon taking my first sip, I notice half & half cream with a dash of alcohol bite present. As I continue to sip on this cream, a very light hint of baking spices, mostly nutmeg and cinnamon, begin to sneak through. Finally, I detect a nice richness of English toffee which reminds me of a HEATH Bar that has had the chocolate coating removed.

Mike: As with the nose, I predict simplicity for this Carolina Cream. The mouthfeel is smooth and creamy as one would expect. This liqueur coats the tongue with a rich, sweet cream flavor.  Hints of room temperature, softened sweet cream butter and milk chocolate materialize then blend harmoniously with the rum and bourbon flavors.


Christian: One would not expect much pop or burn in a bourbon cream, so the lack of any real finish here is not overly surprising. However, this liqueur leaves a sweet flavor profile of salted caramel, vanilla, and just a splash of cocoa. This is a satisfying end to a rather enjoyable experience.

Mike: There is no finish to speak of, just a luxurious velvety overlay of cream, rum, and bourbon fusion remaining. Perhaps a late charge, although extremely delicate, of cinnamon butter presents itself at the back of the palate.

Our Rating

***We have decided not to give this product an overall Rickhouse Rating as it is a specialty product that should not compete against traditional whiskey products. Keep reading below to find out our individual thoughts and “rating” of this product.***

Final Thoughts

Christian: I have had experiences in the past with other “big name” creams made by major distilleries. To be honest, it is not a category I have overly enjoyed in the past. The main reason being that I typically find them to be unbalanced with odd contrasting cream and whiskey flavors fighting for space in the pour. That is not the case with the Carolina Cream by Six & Twenty Distillery from South Carolina. This is a well-balanced, versatile cream liqueur that allows the cream, baking spices, rum, and bourbon to each have their voice while simultaneously harmonizing together. I enjoy this offering neat or on the rocks for sipping. I could also see it working nicely in my weekend coffee, or even perhaps drizzled on top of a bowl of ice cream. If you happen to come across this cream, and want to try something different without breaking the bank, then give it shot!

Rating: 4.0/5 Stars – A well-balanced versatile cream offering worth your attention!

Mike: To say this is a fantastic liqueur would be an understatement. For me, this is a flawless and well-balanced cream liqueur. The overall consistency is precisely what I look for and is an ideal substitution for creamer in your morning coffee when the occasion calls. I’ve tasted other cream liqueurs that are very flavorful, but tend to lack the richness and body offered with this Carolina Cream from Six & Twenty. Not much is specified on the label with regards to ingredients or additives and this is definitely not a flavored liqueur, just outstanding fresh cream flavor with a balanced blend of rum and bourbon whiskey. Drink this well-chilled by itself or mix it with your favorite cola, root beer, coffee, or any beverage of choice that calls for the addition of cream, if you’re looking for an extra kick.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars – An exquisite example of what a cream liqueur should be!


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