Re-Visited: Heart of Mystic Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey

DSR – NC – 023: Heart of Mystic Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Company/Distillery: Mystic Farm & Distillery

Location: Durham, North Carolina

Mash Bill: 55% Corn and 45% Wheat

Age Statement: No Age Statement

Proof/ABV: 122.6 Proof/61.3% ABV

Color & Viscosity: This Heart of Mystic Single Barrel Bourbon presents a beautiful deep, rich mahogany color in the glass. Tilting the tasting vessel to the side, a thin viscous line is left behind. It is thin in overall appearance and leaves virtually no indication of residue as it slides down the sides of the glass. As the whiskey sits in the glass, it takes a good twenty to thirty seconds for a thick and ragged lip to appear. The lip becomes larger droplets and are sluggish to move, almost sticking to the sides of the tasting vessel.

Purchase Price: $29.95 at the NC ABC stores in June 2021; 375 ml bottle.

Bottle Label Information:

Front Label

“Heart of Mystic”

“Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey”

“Cask Strength”

“Non-chill Filtered”

“Barrel Number: 31 | Bottle Number: 339 | Alc/Vol.: 61.3 | Proof: 122.6”

Rear Label

“Inside lies our non-chill filtered bourbon at full cask strength.”

“We grow the grain on fields around our distillery in Durham, North Carolina. We mash with pristine water drawn from the ancient aquifer below our land, fermenting slowly to produce smooth, deep flavors unique to each growing season. We then carefully cut the spirit by hand, and barrel it in fine-grained, well-charred American Oak. After years of aging, we hand select each barrel we release as a unique expression of our craft.”

“We’re delighted to share with you the true Heart of Mystic.”

“Distilled & Bottled by Mystic Farm & Distillery, Durham, North Carolina”

Distillery Background

Mystic Farm & Distillery

Mystic Farm & Distillery was founded in 2013 by Co-Founders Jonathan Blitz and Mike Sinclair in Durham, North Carolina. The company began their journey by distilling their signature product, Mystic Bourbon Liqueur. Mystic Bourbon Liqueur takes the company’s bourbon mash bill and blends it with wildflower honey and a nine spice tea. As of 2016, the distillery also operates as a farm, planting and harvesting the corn and soft winter wheat used in its products distillation.

In addition to Mystic Farm & Distillery’s Mystic Bourbon Liqueur, they also produce: Mystic Vision Vodka; Soul of Mystic; Mystic 57 Navy-Strength Gin; Heart of Mystic; Broken Oak Double Barreled Straight Bourbon Whiskey; Heart of Mystic Cacao Nib Finished.

For additional information on tours and private barrels from the distillery visit

Heart of Mystic Cask Strength Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Heart of Mystic Cask Strength Single Barrel Straight Bourbon whiskey is made using a mash bill of at least 51% corn and 45% soft winter wheat grown onsite at Mystic Farm. The hearts are taken from the Mystic Liqueur distillation and aged for a minimum of three years in 53-gallon oak casks. This single barrel bottling came from barrel number 31 and is bottled at 122.6 proof.

Tasting Notes

Tasting Date/Vessel: June 28, 2022 – Neat in Glencairn Glass; Then with a few drops of distilled water.


Mike: Just drawing the whiskey glass to my nose, I’m met with heavy notes of molasses and dark brown sugar. The brown sugar notes begin to yield to rum raisin or heavy fig aromas, although I am leaning more towards fig. As I continue to nose this single barrel bourbon, I am reminded of fresh Fig Newton cookies, slightly warmed. A gentle swirl of the glass releases a rush of ethanol as heavy oak char pushes through from the back. As this bourbon settles in the glass, I detect a hint of tart black cherry syrup.

 A few drops of distilled water to the glass substantially sweetens the nose. Brown sugar aromas are intensified and a delicate hint of fresh oatmeal is detected. 


Mike: Man, this is a fantastically rich and flavorful pour. Heavy cured tobacco consumes the palate as a peppery bite tingles the lips. This whiskey paints the mouth with an abundance of dark brown sugar, subtle hints of cinnamon, and aged leather. Rye spice pummels the back of the throat and leaves a welcomed scratchiness behind.

Not surprisingly, a little water softens the overall profile. A touch of honeysuckle sweetness appears with an emergence of fig, perhaps fig jam, which was initially indistinguishable. 



Mike: The finish on this Heart of Mystic Single Barrel Bourbon is unquestionably long. It starts in the upper throat and offers a long and soothing burn into the heart of the chest and it just sits there cindering. A quick glimpse of fig that rapidly transitions to a nibble from a red delicious apple lingers on the palate. 

Water doesn’t do much to diminish the incredible finish of this single barrel whiskey. A delicate saccharinity develops with a muted tannic bitterness hitting the back of the throat.

Our Rating

Final Thoughts

Mike: Love, love, love this pour from Mystic Farm & Distilling out of Durham. It packs quite a punch when enjoyed neat, which I enjoy doing. That punch, however, can be assuaged with some water or an ice cube while still providing rich, full-bodied flavor. For a craft distillery, the price of approximately $60 for a 750ml bottle of barrel proof, single barrel bourbon is a steal! What makes it even more criminal is that it’s actually really damn good. Don’t sleep on this gem from Durham, NC!

Rating: 4.25 Rickhouses


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